Flu Season

Flu Season

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No one likes feeling unwell, but for those of us that relish their daily dose of fragrance, a stuffy nose can be especially distressing. So what to do on those days when we cannot smell our favorite fragrance or worse, the scent of any complex fragrance sends us into a sneezing fit or brings on a seasonal migraine?

Here are a few scented luxuries which can help you survive the flu season and bring some relief as a result.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. It has been touted as a cure-all for conditions ranging from acne and skin infections if applied topically to sore throat and ear infections. My favorite is adding it to a steamy bath, or better yet a humidifier – it works wonders on coughs and congestion. Tea Tree Oil has a pleasant, slightly medicinal scent somewhat similar to eucalyptus – the scent is a comfort in itself – one small whiff and I know I am on the road to recovery.

Ginger – Ginger works wonders for sore throats and upset tummies. A small, peeled knob boiled in water makes a wonderful tea, especially when mixed with a little lemon juice and honey. My favorite however is to boil it in some savory broth and add some spicy lemon pepper. It is a sure-fire fever reducer and reminds me of the exciting and exotic perfumes which I will be wearing once the flu has departed.

Lavender – Lavender has been used for centuries in various preparations and its scent is known for its calming effect. Lavender oil can also be used to relieve migraines and bring relief to those suffering from sinus infections. Like Tea Tree Oil, a few drops in the bath or a humidifier should do the trick. Aside from its relaxing scent, Lavender is the quintessential symbol of the South of France. What better way to relax than to imagine beautiful fields of Lavender swaying in the warm summer Provençal breeze!

French Lavender Fields

Vicks VapoRub – a traditional cure-all for congestion and coughs, Vicks has a strong menthol smell which many find off-putting. Vicks to me conjures memories of being cared for by my mother and grandmother – so nothing could be more comforting. Aside from the immediate relief it provides from painful congestion and respiratory distress, the icy menthol blast calls to mind one of my favorite fragrances, Tubereuse Criminelle and reminds me that my days of sickness are sure to be limited.

Linden Tea – Fever, congestion and aches and pains can make it difficult to relax for sleep. Linden Tea, or Tilleul or Tilo as it is known in French and Spanish, makes a wonderfully relaxing tea and is known for relieving insomnia, anxiety and is even believed to reduce blood pressure. Linden Tea is  also widely used in Europe for its diaphoretic or fever-reducing effects. It has a mild, slightly honeyed, herbal flavor which makes it perfect for inducing sleep.

Wishing all my readers good health!

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